sexta-feira, 23 de março de 2012

New Shop !

New shop :
  • About fraises :  the icon is now included into the shop but you can’t purchase them yet.
New map rotation :
  • Vanilla / Normal or Protected (P0/P1) / Art map (P5) / Misc map (P9) /
    Vanilla / Mechanism map (P6) / No-shaman map (P7) / Cooperation map (P8) /
    Vanilla / Normal or Protected (P0/P1) / Shaman map (P4) / Mechanism map (P6) /
  • With the  large majority of the maps in the p2 category being shaman maps, P2 has been removed from the rotation.
New commands :
  • Use /silence [reason] to allow friends to whisper you when you’ve disabled your whispers.
  • Use /silence* [reason] to disable whispers for everyone.
What do you think about it ? Tell us HERE.

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